Social matter, social design

For good or bad, all design is social

Livre // 2020

Éditeur: Jan Boelen, Michal Kaethler

Maison d'édition: Valiz

Anglais, 240 Pages, 22 x 2 x 14 cm

ISBN: 9789492095848

Contribution: Doubts and dilemma’s - a dialogue between Social Design mentors p. 205-214

"Design is a social discipline. Once we acknowledge that the material and the social are entangled, any romantic illusion (or delusion) about design as mere form-giving is washed away. Once we recognize that things have presence and agency within the social systems we inhabit, no designer can be absolved from the consequences of their design. This is a strong book, inexorable in attributing designers responsibility, but also adamant in recognizing their growing power and their ability to wield objects as weapons for positive change."
- Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Architecture & Design, The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Sweet & Salt

Water and the dutch

Livre // 2012

Éditeur: Tracy Metz, Maartje van den Heuvel

Maison d'édition: NAi Uitgevers

Anglais ou Néerlandais, 304 pages, broché

ISBN: 9789056628475

Contribution: Buitenbrouwerij (Outside brewery)

Water and the Dutch, American-born journalist and author Tracy Metz describes the metamorphosis the landscape of the Netherlands is currently undergoing and how the Dutch are searching for new ways of living with the water. She also reports on various places around the world, such as New Orleans, Hamburg, Vietnam, New York and China, that are working with the Dutch on a new approach to the water landscape. As the most iconic element of the Netherlands, water has been represented in countless art works over the centuries. In this publication, art historian Maartje van den Heuvel reveals, in more than 125 works of art, the rich diversity of meanings the Dutch have attached to water and their waterways. These works of art represent the Netherlands' history with water in an evocative way and can serve to inspire the shaping of a changing world.

Design (&) activism

Perspectives on Design as Activism and Activism as Design

Livre // 2019

Éditeur: Tom Bieling

Maison d'édition: Mimesis

Anglais, 254 pages, 17 x 1,8 x 24 cm

ISBN: 9788869772412

Contribution: Buitenbrouwerij (Outside brewery)

This is a book about how the worlds of design and activism (could) inspire each other. The book focuses on theories and practices related to the role of Design in terms of addressing, provoking and creating political discourse. Starting from traditional forms of protest, visual languages of resistance, to new forms of digital participation, this will help us to better understand the rituals, structures and meanings of design activism in history and the present, clarifying that design is intrinsically social and supremely political. And it shall help us to derive arguments and examples for the transformative potential of future design (and) activism.

Design as a tool for transition

The Atelier Luma Approach

Livre // 2019

Éditeur: Jan Boelen, Vera Sachetti

Maison d'édition: Auto-publication

Anglais et Français, 271 pages, 17 x 2,2 x 24,5 cm

ISBN: 9782956775706

Contribution: The Mediterranean Ambition p. 252-255, co-initiator Atelier Luma

The publication that charts the first three years of Atelier Luma— the design and research laboratory of Luma Arles in the heart of the Camargue wetlands in South of France.

Sustainist Design Guide

How Sharing, Localism, Connectedness and Proportionality Are Creating a New Agenda for Social Design

Livre // 2013

Éditeur: Michiel Schwarz, Diana Krabbedam

Maison d'édition: BIS Publishers

Anglais, 144 pages, Broché, 24,5 x 17,5 cm

ISBN: 9789063692834

Contribution: 1 out of 12 changemaking cases: Buitenbrouwerij (Outside brewery)

Social innovation is experiencing a resurgence at a time when cultural boundaries are shifting. A wave of new social initiatives is coming into view worldwide, where millions of dedicated people are beginning to design different kinds of living environments that are more collaborative, more socially just, and more sustainable. This movement is what this Sustainist Design Guide is all about. As the authors say: It is no longer a matter of designing for society, but within it. This exploratory guide travels the new landscape of social design thinking and practice, viewed through the lens of sustainism - a perspective that is seen as a new ethos for design. The Sustainist Design Guide presents an agenda for social innovation, based on values such as sharing, connectedness, localism and proportionality, as well as sustainability. It challenges us to transform these and other sustainist qualities into design criteria and include them in our design briefs. The Sustainist Design Guide maps out best practices and explores how designers can become more socially and ecologically responsible. It opens the debate on what it means to be sustainist designers. Including 12 changemaking cases, ranging from urban farming and crowdsourced public architecture to collaborative crafts.