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Almost 300 breweries have been established in the Netherlands since 2013: a quadrupling. With the development of small-scale craft brewing technologies, a proliferation of beers produced by local amateur brewers, as well as a demand for authenticity and variety in flavour, it was high time for an experimental platform for beer education: the Bierberaad or ‘Beer Council’. This monthly program is about beer, tasting, micro-organisms and fermentation. It serves as a multidisciplinary platform which tests and discusses the latest beer designs, as well as the failures and crossovers.

Henriette initiated, curated and organized Bierberaad in association with Mediamatic. The council brings together scientists, brewers, artists and clientele, challenges them to experiment and provides a means of discovering their personal tastes. Henriëtte is one of the few female beer brewers in the Netherlands and devised the [Buitenbrouwerij], a mobile brewery that makes it possible to brew a unique local beer in any location, and [Halbe bier], an idealistic beer brand for the arts.