In collaboration with
Sophie Krier
Artist / editor, NL
Sanne de Rooij & Lucy van Kleef
Communication, NL
Ella Derksen
Hunnie Ambassador / Art developer , NL
Studio Auke Triesschijn
Graphic design, NL
Sjoerd Knibbeler
Photographer, NL
Roel van Tour
Photographer / Film maker, NL
Lucy van Kleef
Production, NL
Christiaan Bakker
Production assistant, NL
Karel Sybesma
Execution Field classroom, NL
Jeanne van Heeswijk
Hunnie Advisory Board, NL
Hans van der Markt
Hunnie Advisory Board, NL
Tracy Metz
Hunnie Advisory Board, NL
Jeroen Boomgaard
Hunnie Advisory Board, NL
Andrea van Pol
Hunnie Kassymposium / Moderator, NL
Prof. Erik de Jong
Hunnie Kassymposium / Lecturer, NL
Marleen van den Ham
Hunnie Kassymposium / Lecturer, NL
Clemens Driessen
Hunnie Kassymposium / Lecturer, NL
Ingeborg Thoral
Hunnie Kassymposium / Lecturer, NL
Jan Boelen
Hunnie Kassymposium / Lecturer, BE
Marcel van Ool
Hunnie Kassymposium / Lecturer, NL
Ria Waal
Hunnie reporter / IVN nature guide, NL
Anja de Kruijf
Hunnie gids / IVN nature guide, NL
Arie van Oosterom
Hunnie guide / Farmer, NL
Ben Roeleveld
Hunnie guide / Farmer, NL
Jan van 't Riet
Hunnie guide / IVN nature guide, NL
Hanneke Oort
Hunnie Clay Pits / Ceramist, NL
Hans van der Markt
Hunnie Clay Pits / Lecturer, NL
Maja Skujeniece
Hunnie Clay Pits / Designer, EE
Eduard & Jitske van Adrichem
Hunnie Hunting / Hunters, NL
David Hague
Hunnie Hunting / Chef cook, UK
Kees de Vries
Hunnie Fly fishing / Fly fisherman, NL
Sven Hoogerhoud
Hunnie Willow Weaving / Weaver, NL
Jan van Schaik
Hunnie Flute / Flute maker, NL
Thomas Triesschijn
Hunnie Flute / Flute player, NL
Francois Lombarts
Hunnie Wading / Designer, BE
Arjen Damen
Hunnie Surviving / Survival guide, NL
Mark Maier
Hunnie Surviving / Canoe danser, DE
Dick Smit
Hunnie guide / Farmer, NL
Ineke Bams
Hunnie guide / IVN nature guide, NL
Martha Renes
Hunnie guide / IVN nature guide, NL
Harry Zoutendijk
Hunnie Breeding / Bird watcher, NL
Ad Hoekstra
Hunnie Breeding / Bird watcher, NL
Alain Barthelemy
Hunnie Fly fishing / Fly fisherman, NL
Herman Wissink
Hunnie Fly fishing / Fly fisherman, NL
Krijn Bok
Hunnie Fly fishing / Fly fisherman, NL
Claud Biemans
Hunnie guide / Biologist, NL


Project Hunnie (‘them’ in local slang) is a site-specific, participatory and performative action research focusing on the perception of the cultural landscape of De Bovenlanden, a characteristic expanse of peat meadow in the province of Utrecht (NL).

In advance of the Province’s definitive plan, designers Henriëtte Waal and Sophie Krier nominated by Utrecht’s Centre for Visual Art set out to explore De Bovenlanden, together with current (and future) users. Based on local and foreign expertise, Waal & Krier devised a series of Avonturen – ‘Adventures’: seasonal interventions that relate to the landscape, with the intention of broadening the perception and use of water, mud, clay, peat, grass and pollard willows, while giving an impulse to social interchange.

Waal & Krier incorporated the knowledge that the Adventures brought to light in the designs of several bridges and layouts that make the area accessible, as well as in tailor-made props for future visitors. This ultimately resulted in the realization of a field workstation (a cross-sectional table that relates the area’s evolution in four timelines), a field classroom (oak benches with various statements about nature inlaid into 2,400-year-old bog-wood oak), a showroom and jetties.

Hunnie offers an innovative perspective on the relationship between man and nature, in contrast to the somewhat dogmatic and conservative approach of existing nature organizations. Through hands-on collaboration with local experts such as hunters, biologists, dieticians, survival guides and water engineers, participants are taken off the beaten track, which leads to new forms of embedded knowing. The project breaks with classic ethnographic research methods; in Hunnie the interventions are nature adventures, which act as conversation pieces. This increases the attention people devote to nature and reaches a more diverse public.

This project was a finalist for the Dutch Design Awards.