In collaboration with
Sophie Krier
Guest mentor, NL
Brecht Duijf
Mentor, NL
Jesse Howard
Mentor, US/NL
Jon Stam
Mentor, CA/NL

Master Social Design

Since 2013 Henriëtte Waal has been creating and supervising programmes for the Master in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, a highly regarded post-graduate design course that recognizes that a time of mounting social contradictions demands that design incorporates a more nuanced and complex reading of how the social is intertwined with the material, rethinking what society is and could be.

Henriëtte believes it is important for students to develop their practical and emphatic skills as part of their post-graduate studies, by means of fieldwork and working on cases in the real world. As a mentor and coach, she involves her international group of students in on site projects when commissions ask for critical investigation of a particular area or subject.

‘I think with the current reset of global priorities we will need brighter designers to work closely with social movements and community-based organizations, rebuilding food, water and care systems. As we can interact beyond physical limits we need to rethink the local. Move beyond sensory limits and explore other possibilities.’