In collaboration with
Henriëtte Waal & Sophie Krier
Design, NL
Barbara Oomen
Initiator, NL
Niels Hendriks, Sander Hofstee
Realization, NL
Sjoerd Knibbeler
Photographer, NL
Eva van der Schans (Inedition)
Graphic design publication, NL
University College Roosevelt
Project partner, NL
Municipality of Middelburg
Project partner, NL
Douw & Koren and cooperation of Zeeuws Hout
Project partner, NL
Shipyard Arnemuiden
Stichting Behoud Hoogaars, NL
Metal company, NL
Huib Zuidervaart
Guest speaker, science speaker, NL
Peter Geene
Guest speaker, chairman Butterfly and dragonfly foundation, NL
Bert van den Brink
Guest speaker, UCR Dean, NL
Alderman Chris Dekker
Guest speaker, NL
Kees Beaart
Goedaert expert, NL
CBK Zeeland
Project partner, NL
Dirk Zoete
Performer, NL
Latzi Jones
musician, NL


The Metamorfoselokaal started with the wish for an open-air classroom of Barbara Oomen, the then dean of University College Roosevelt (UCR) in Middelburg (NL). The name Metamorfose Lokaal is an homage to fellow townsman, fine painter and insect expert Johannes Goedaert (1617-1668), celebrating his 400th anniversary. He was the first to describe and draw the complete metamorphosis (morphosis) of insects. 

In collaboration with UCR and several local organizations, and based on local shipyard techniques, Henriette Waal & Sophie Krier co-designed a circular classroom. The round shape of the Metamorfose Lokaal refers to the Middelburg anatomical theater from 1658. This public cutting room was an early testing ground for one’s own perception and a ‘convergence point of knowledge’ for the city (Zuidervaart 2009). The spatial design includes curved wooden railings grafted at different sitting and standing heights; embracing an already existing lime tree; a circle of recycled cobblestones from the repaving of Helmplein; a drinking fountain, and the Goedaert Gown (an illustrated version of the traditional gown, borrowed from the UCR reception). The assembly turned a neglected square into a public sanctuary in the heart of Middelburg.

A pocket-sized Metamorfoselokaal_Zakcatalogus, designed by Inedition, was published in a limited edition.